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To make shopping in Japan even more enjoyable for tourists and business people visiting Japan, we would like to introduce you to the advantageous “tax-free + discount coupons Japan” that can be used at popular tax-free shops. You can enjoy shopping with peace of mind at famous electronics stores, drugstore chains, and department stores that have store staff who can speak foreign languages.


July 20, 2023

About TaxFree+Discount Coupons Japan

  1. Introduction of TaxFree+Discount Coupons Japan!
  2. Shopping Japan a famous electronics store that issues discount coupons
  3. Shopping at famous and popular tax-free shops that issue discount coupons
  4.” you can find tax-free shops in Japan

TaxFree+Discount Coupons Japan!

Shopping Japan  with up to 17% discount

Introducing discount coupons Japan that can be used at tax-free shops for travelers and business people visiting Japan. Use tax-free shop discount coupons Japan when purchasing a wide variety of products from Japanese manufacturers, including cooking appliances, beauty appliances, cameras, watches, food, Japanese pharmaceuticals, Japanese cosmetics, daily necessities, and Japanese brand goods.

■Satisfied with bargain shopping Japan!

■Bookmark the discount coupon on your smartphone and present it to the staff at the cash register when purchasing the product. If you do not present the discount coupon, you will not be eligible for the discount, so please be careful.


Shopping Japan a famous electronics store that issues discount coupons

■Here are Japanese some famous tax-free shops that issue discount coupons. Please use the discount coupon.

Biccamera coupon

■BicCamera is Japan’s most famous and popular major electronics stores, offering a wide range of products. We handle a variety of products such as cameras, video cameras, smartphones, personal computers, and home appliances. They have stores all over the country, and they also have an online store. With a wide selection of products and staff with specialized knowledge, it is easy to ask for advice about cameras and home appliances, and after-sales support is also available. BicCamera is chosen by many people because it offers a reliable shopping experience.

■BicCamera offers various services for foreign visitors to Japan. Below are some of the services we offer.

■Shop with tax exemption (10%) + discount (up to 7%) coupon

BicCamera is Japan’s most famous electronics store and tax-free shop. When purchasing a product, you can purchase the product with the consumption tax amount (10%) discounted from the displayed price at the time of payment. More advantageous product discount service service is also included. Depending on the purchase amount, you can purchase products at a maximum of 7% discount, so it is very profitable.

(*)Tax exemption (consumption tax) for some products is 8%, so please check before purchasing.

■A wide selection of products

At BicCamera, each store has a wide variety of items for daily use, such as home appliances such as rice cookers, beauty appliances such as facial equipment, personal computers/peripherals, cameras/watches, games, and even cold medicine/cosmetics. It is a home appliance mass retailer and duty-free shop. We also have a large selection of the latest models from popular brands, giving you a variety of options to suit your needs.

BicCamera  MicroWave

BicCamera Ricecooker

BicCamera Toaster

BicCamera Hotplate

Microwave, rice cooker, toaster, hot plate

■Click here for BicCamera tax-free + discount coupons Japan!



■Assignment of multilingual staff

BicCamera Japan has multilingual staff who speak English and Chinese. Staff can answer product inquiries, offer product recommendations, and assist with purchases. Please feel free to contact us.

■How to use coupon

Please show the above discount coupon on your smartphone to the store clerk at the cash register. You can purchase products on the spot with tax exemption + product discount.

■Some items are not eligible for the discount.

Please note that the following items are tax exempt, but not eligible for discounts.

・Apple products

・Lorex watch

Please check with the store staff for other eligible products.

■Stores where discount coupons can be used

Tax-free + discount coupons can be used at all BicCamera stores.

■ Main stores

BicCamera has stores all over Japan, with multiple stores in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya. You can easily find stores near your travel destination and explore a wide range of product lineups.


Please note that the service content and available stores may vary at different stores and locations. For specific details and updates, we recommend checking the official BicCamera website or contacting customer service.


Shopping at famous and popular tax-free shops that issue discount coupons

■In addition to BicCamera, there are tax-free shops that issue tax-free + discount coupons, so please use them as well as BicCamera.


Shopping at a popular electronics store

EDION coupon

EDION Coupons are easy to use because it is a nationwide chain. 

Click here for EDION Coupon

Shopping for Japanese pharmaceuticals/Japanese cosmetics

Sundrug coupon

If you want to buy pharmaceuticals/cosmetics,

click here for Sundrug coupons

Shopping for cosmetics and branded goods

Keio Department Store Shinjuku coupon

Click here for Keio Department Store coupons

shopping for daily necessities

Don Quijote(donki)coupon Japan

A wide range of products from daily necessities to electrical appliances, if you want to buy at a convenient Don Quijote(donki)Japan

Click here for Don Quijote coupons(donki coupon)Japan

Shopping for eyeglasses and sunglasses

JINS coupon

if you want to buy glasses,
Click here for JINS coupons” you can find tax-free shops in Japan


■Please use to find the stores of the above companies and other tax-free shops.

■Let’s shop at tax-free shops in Japan.

You can shop tax-free without paying consumption tax only at shops that have been licensed as tax-free shops. Please check the “TAX FREE” mark.


■Tax-free shop search service “” You can find tax-free shops.

■ also has a list of discount coupons that can be used at tax-free shops, so please take advantage of it.


■Bookmark the coupon page screen on your smartphone and enjoy shopping at tax-free shops.


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